Parents speak out

Hear From Our Families!


“As a former teacher and as a child psychologist who has worked in many schools, I put a lot of thought into where we wanted our son to go to preschool. Our focus was an environment where our son felt loved and safe, first and foremost. Where the setting wasn’t overwhelming, overstimulating or too crowded so he could form real connections with adults and peers. We wanted a school where the children were seen as individuals and treated and respected as such. We found all this and more with Ms. A at The Pond. 

Ms. A creates a calm, reassuring and home-like environment for her learners, helping them all grow as friends, students and individuals and creating a confidence in them which helps them feel ready and prepared for their next big step to Kindergarten. 

My son and family miss The Pond greatly since graduating and as my son stated so perfectly “would have stayed forever if we could!”

-Dr. Christie Sosnowski