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What is Waldorf ?


( Thinking, feeling & doing )

Waldorf education believes that play is the heart of early childhood and the key to creative thinking later in life. At the Pond we adhere to this holistic approach.

In our Waldorf inspired classroom, we are just a wee bit different than other traditional Waldorf schools. While we do shadow the fundamental ideals of this specific teaching method, we also integrate a few other subjects that we believe to be undoubtedly important as well. One example would be that we practice letter and number tracing which does not traditionally take place within this age group.

We also stick by an essential Waldorf value: children are given plenty of time and space for exploring the world around them! Allowing children to use all of their senses during exploration builds confidence, promotes creativity and provides them with the stimulation their developing minds crave. 

Waldorf education emphasizes nature and natural objects. When you enter a Waldorf classroom, you will notice there will be toys made of wood and other natural elements. We do not have any screen time at the Pond.

Waldorf philosophy encourages community. Each morning the children gather around the table for snack, share laughs and stories together during circle time and learn how to communicate with each other while sharing toys.

When we expose children to a wide range of environments and experiences they can develop numerous interests and capabilities. A Waldorf education allows children to explore their self-awareness and gain a sense of the world around them throughout years of exploration, invention and discovery.

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