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Our Program

**Limited spots still available for 2023-2024 school year**

  • Our morning program provides a nurturing environment for our  3’s, 4’s, and 5’s.  We offer an extended day as well, from 12 – 2 pm which includes lunch time, free play, and a project work.  It’s a child friendly, happy place!  Our school occupies a lovely cottage at Camp Alvernia known as the Pond, overlooking the playground.  The classroom is a beautiful calming space, creating an environment that is free of overstimulating colors and designs.  We provide a peaceful place to work and play.

  • The rhythm of each day is largely based  on nature, science, art, literature, outdoor activities, music and movement.  From themes that inspire the children’s natural curiosity, we integrate  language arts and math skills. We practice writing, excersize our imaginations during circle conversations and are always working on beautiful process arts. We also offer a strong music program including daily singing, movement and instrumentation.  

  • The 15 acres of fields, beachfront and forests surrounding the property offer many occasions to hike and explore nature. We get lots of fresh air and sunshine each day! We have transitioned to all natural materials, and a natural, developmentally appropriate curriculum as described by Waldorf educational philosophy. We adapt the curriculum to best fit each child’s abilities and interests.

*Feel free to call, text or Email with any question, or to schedule a visit!*

Our Program: About Us
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